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Culinary Arts Program

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The Culinary Arts Program is designed to give students the chance to develop their culinary expertise from foundational level to advanced level by challenging and nurturing their skills as they progress. Enderun’s partnership with Ecole Ducasse, which is globally recognized for excellence in culinary arts and pastry arts education in France, offers students the opportunity to undergo rigorous training under the supervision of world-class instructors with the vision to develop the passion and competence needed in the global industry. Enderun’s Certificate in Culinary Arts provides a modular learning pedagogy by strengthening the critical skill sets and foundational knowledge of aspiring chefs within a 5-month program. Students may choose to advance further by taking advanced master classes and kitchen management modules that would allow them to earn a Diploma in Professional Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management for an additional 3 months. The diploma program includes a required internship designed to help students gain real-world industry experience.